Short Barrel Shotgun Engraving





The ATF requires all short barrel shotguns to be engraved with the manufacturers name, city, and state. All of our SBS engravings meet and exceed the ATF requirements in size and depth. In addition we only use one font for the SBS markings to ensure that all engraving are in compliance with the ATF regulations.


Since there are various models of shotguns on the market there are too many possibilities for SBS Engravings to list here.  

Please send an email with the shotgun model and desired engraving location.  Also include a sample of the text to be engraved in your initial email.


All shotgun receivers sent in for engraving should be completely stripped. Remington 870 models do not need to have the mag tube removed from the receiver.


Please email us for more info. 


SBS Engraving Locations


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