Please contact us directly for pricing as we feel each job is custom no matter how big or small.

Orion Arms is proud to be a firearms based engraver offering services that range from ATF required SBR markings to total customization of your firearm.  We are a licensed 07 FFL & 02 SOT able to work with all types of firearms including but not limited to:  AR-15 • SIG SAUER • AK-47 • 1919A4 • M2HB • FAL  • HK Rifles • Tube Guns • UZI

You can expect superior quality, quick turnaround, and direct customer service when you choose Orion Arms for your engraving needs.

We can also reproduce your corporate logo, official seal, military insignia, or commemorative theme.

Please keep in mind that what you’ll find online is only a small portion of our available services.


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