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What are the ATF required sizes and depths for engraving?

The ATF requires a depth of no less than .003" deep and 1/16" tall.
 Orion Arms meets and exceeds the ATF requirements.

What is required by the ATF for SBR engraving?
All information was taken from the ATF Publication 5300.4 - section 479.102  " How must firearms be identified?"

Any gun manufactured, imported, or made on and after January 30, 2002 must have manufacturer information placed at a minimun depth of .003” with a height no smaller than 1/16”.

This information must be engraved, cast, stamped (impressed), or otherwise conspicuously placed on the frame, receiver, or barrel.

Required information on an SBR is the model (if such designation has been made), caliber or gauge, and the manufacturer’s name (or recognized abbreviation).   Also for a domestically made (SBR) the city and state (or recognized abbreviation), where you as the manufacturer made the firearm. 
What type of engraving do you do?

All engravings are completed using a rotary engraver. 

Orion Arms does not offer laser engraving.

Do I need to strip my AR15 for engraving?

The location of the engraving determines whether or not the receiver needs to be stripped.


Preparing your receiver for engraving.

Front Magwell

 - The front of the magwell is the only location that does not require a completely stripped lower.

 - Fixed stocks and buffer tubes must be removed.

 - Collapsible stock buffer tubes can remain but the  buttstock, buffer and spring MUST be removed.

 ** For all calibers other than .223/5.56mm the mag blocks will need to be removed for the front magazine well engraving.

Trigger Guard

 - This location requires a completely stripped lower.   This includes the bolt catch assembly.

 ** The front takedown pin can remain installed if not easily removable.

 ** Standard pivoting trigger guards can remain installed if not easily removable.


*** New fixtures now allow for relaxed stripping requirements on the RH or LH magwell locations. ***

Please visit the Short Barreled Rifle section of our website for more details.

Important Ordering Information


Shipping Instructions

** Due to our unique business hours please ship all items via UPS

* Please do not use USPS (US Post Office) or FedEx for shipment. Standard sized letters may be sent via USPS.

* In order to avoid possible harassment when shipping your item you may use the name Orion Engraving on the label.

* The customer is responsible for insuring their own shipment to Orion Arms.

* Orion Arms will insure firearms/products for return shipment.

* We cannot ship items to P.O. Boxes.

* New receiver purchases please include the name of the FFL your receiver will be shipped to.

* Please  have a copy of their FFL emailed to Orion Arms in reference to your purchase.



The 55025 zip code will come up as Columbus or Forest Lake. Either of these cities are acceptable for shipping..

Payment Information

* Orion Arms will accept payment in the form of personal check, money order, cashier's check or cash.

* Please make checks and money orders payable to Orion Arms.

* Orion Arms does not currently accept credit cards, PayPal, or any other form of online money transfer.

* Please, do not staple your payment to the order form or anything else.



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Review Checklist (please read before proceeding)

  • Do to our unique business hours, please ship all items via UPS.
  • Please make sure to you have properly stripped your firearm.
  • If you have artwork, or sketches, and are not emailing them - please include those as well.
  • Dealers please include a copy of your FFL if it is not already on file with Orion Arms.
  • Please do not staple payment to your order form.
  • Please print our order form, (follow link below) and include it with your item *required*.


Please Complete our Required Order Form by Clicking Here


Does my receiver need to ship through an FFL?

Engraving is considered a repair.  Repaired items do not need to be shipped through an FFL.  They can be shipped directly to Orion Arms and returned directly to the owner.

Where do I find your shipping address?

Shipping Address:

Our address can be obtained with a price quote via email.

How much are your art charges?

We reserve the right to price our art charges, and engravings, by the job.  No two jobs are the same.


Please contact us via email for a price quote as we feel each job is custom no matter the size.


What file format do you require for custom images?
We do not require any specific file format for custom engraving.  If you have an image you would like engraved, please send it to us via email for a price quote.
Can you engrave Homer Simpson on my lower?

No, sorry.  Not without permission from the people who own that likeness.  The same goes for any image under copyright.


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