AR15 Engraving


ar15 engraving


Full Customization

For the AR15 fans, Orion Arms offers the option of fully customizing an AR15 receiver.

Orion Arms in conjunction with Weister Custom Weaponry in Ashland,WI will be able to provide a "blank" AR15 canvas to work on.

This means that the AR15 fans can now fully customize a lower receiver. Our customers can choose the logo they want engraved on the left side magwell or submit a design of their own. These receivers can be engraved with custom selector markings as well as a personal model number.


Please email us for more details regarding this service or by visiting the Custom Receiver tab on our home page.

Weister Custom Weaponry is now selling a receiver which does not have a logo on the LH or RH magwell. We have these on our shelves ready for customizing.


Need a receiver?

Orion Arms can also supply a brand new reciever for you. We proudly offer receivers manufactured by Palmetto State Armory, and Weister Custom Weaponry. All new receiver purchases must be shipped to a FFL holder. Have your dealer email a copy of their FFL us or place a copy in with your payment.


Selector Markings

Selector markings can be custom text as well as simple images.  Choose from one of our stock selector designs, have us design one for you, or send us your own custom marking.


Click here for information on our filling and re-engraving services for receiver markings.


SBR Markings

Click here for more information on AR 15 SBR Engraving.


Retro AR Engraving

Are you building up a Retro M16A1 piece by piece? Be sure to check out our

Retro AR Engravings


**With all of the variations in billet receivers available on the market please specify which brand and model of receiver you have.

**9mm receivers can be engraved. Please make it known in your quote request if you are sending a 9mm receiver. 

Preparing your receiver for engraving.

Front Magwell

- The front of the magwell is the only location that does not require a completely stripped lower.

- The front of the mawell cannot be engraved if it has a textured design.

- Fixed stocks and buffer tubes must be removed.

- Collapsible stock buffer tubes can remain but please remove the buttstock, buffer and spring.

** For all calibers other than .223/5.56mm the mag blocks will need to be removed for the front magazine well engraving.

Right Hand  Side - Left Hand Side

** We have built new fixtures that offer easier stripping requirements.

- These locations will now allow the bolt catch, buffer tube, and front take down pin to remain installed.

- The fire control group, selector, rear pin, pistol grip and all detents and springs will need to be removed.

- ** Any billet receiver models with advanced bolt release levers or mag release buttons will need to be completely stripped of these parts. These models may not allow engraving in all areas due to their designs.



Trigger Guard

- This location requirse a completely stripped lower.   This includes the bolt catch assembly.

** The front takedown pin can remain installed if not easily removable.

** Standard pivoting trigger guards can remain installed if not easily removable.


All AR15 engravings will be re-blackened unless a special request is made ahead of time

Polymer receivers can be engraved with our equipment.

*Orion Arms does NOT manufacture receivers at this time.

Be sure to check out our Retro AR Engravings


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