Customize Your Receiver

Orion Arms has teamed up with The Gun Garage LLC to offer a complete custom engraving service.

Orion Arms is proud to announce that we are offering a service that will allow you to fully customize your firearm. We have a teamed up with The Gun Garage to allow our customers to fill non ATF required markings then re-engrave custom images and selectors.

The Gun Garage will handle the filling and refinishing of the item. The guys at The Gun Garage are able to apply standard finishes as well as a totally custom layout. Please note that only a spay on type finish can be used with filled makings

Orion Arms is able to engrave these filled areas with custom images, custom selector markings and reproduction markings.

This is a joint venture and will require shipping back and forth from The Gun Garage and Orion Arms. Please contact Dave at The Gun Garage for pricing on the filling and refinishing.

**Please note we will not fill any required ATF markings.

Federal regulations on Title 1 firearms require the serial number to remain unaltered. It is also recommended that the manufacturer's name, city and state not be altered. Check with your state for local marking requirements.

Manufacturer markings on registered NFA items cannot be altered or removed. These consist of manufacturer‚s name, city, state, model, caliber and serial number. Click here for the ATF website.

Orion Arms & The Gun Garage will not remove or alter these markings.

** Orion Arms & The Gun Garage do not manufacture AR15 lower recivers.


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